Confusing Christmas

Have you ever believed something that you thought to be true that turned out to be radically wrong? It’s frustrating and embarrassing, right? I grew up in Washington State. For the longest time I though that Washington DC was in Washington State. Why? Because the capitol building in Olympia, the state capitol, has the same dome on it as the Capitol Building in Washington DC. Pictures of Olympia showed this domed building. Same dome, same place, right? Wrong! But for more years than I care to admit I thought this was the case. I think I even took a test with a multiple choice question asking where Washington DC was in the United States, and I chose Washington State. There are similarly confusing things about Christmas; confusing pictures, leading to bad assumptions, which then become traditional truths that no one considers. Well, its time to consider.

Nativity at The Grotto

Nativity at The Grotto

Episode 18 – Alyssa Ferguson

Alyssa Ferguson has a calling on her life to show young women that when they stand firm in who Christ has made them to be; they will become victorious champions. I first met Alyssa when I started working with Young Adults at Crossroads Community Church in 2015, as well as occasionally helping out with United Students Ministry where Alyssa serves as a leader. She recently re-launched her blog in an effort to be more intentional with equipping young women in their walks with Jesus. I wanted to find a way to support her calling and I thought it would be fun in interview her for this podcast. She has a great sense of humor and a love for Jesus.


Daniel 11-12 But Wait, There’s More

The vision is sealed/hidden until the end.

  • If anyone says they know when the rapture is going to be or when the second coming is going to be, they are full of bologna sausage.
  • Iʼve probably raised more questions that answered. Good! Do your own homework!
  • Daniel had assurance of his eternal destiny. Do you? Are you living your life on purpose?


Practical Ease At Christ’s Expense. Peace.

Whether it’s the day before a US Presidential election, a Brexit vote, your son’s broken-down car, your loved one’s medical diagnosis, there is the possibility, of peace. More than that, there is the choice of peace. Too often this peace is communicated as, “Don’t worry, God’s on the throne.” While that is absolutely true it isn’t always helpful. Sometimes, the peace that we want is more like a numbness or isolation. We want to shut off our feelings or run away and hide (in Canada). These are not the kinds of peace that Jesus has for us. His peace isn’t distant on a throne in Heaven, it can be here and now. His peace isn’t neutral or hidden, it’s engaging and in full view. The peace that Jesus provides can be described like this: Practical Ease At Christ’s Expense.