I’m excited to be quest teaching at Simple Faith Calvary Chapel. I will be sharing from 2 Peter 1:3-11 with a work-in-progress title of, “Never Stumble Again.” Join us at church or watch the live stream. Pray for me, and for the Spirit to energize His church.

Date: October 9, 2016
Time: 10:00am
Event: Teaching at Simple Faith Calvary Chapel
Topic: Never Stumble Again - 2 Peter 1:3-11
Venue: Simple Faith Calvary Chapel
Location: 11815 NE 113th Street, Suite 120
Vancouver, WA 98662
Public: Public

Daniel 2 – Only God Knows

Gentile history as man sees it; a shining image to be worshipped. Daniel 7 gives the same history from Godʼs perspective. Voracious beasts devouring one another.

  • Prophecy is one of the ways in which we know Godʼs word is Godʼs word. Itʼs the main way the Bible is set apart from all other sacred writings.
  • Prophecy is one of the ways in which we know God is who He says He is.

Daniel - Living Life On Purpose graphic

Daniel 1 – A Godly Response to Sovereignty

Daniel is a book of prophecy as much as manʼs reaction to Godʼs sovereignty. There is an  apparent contradiction between the sovereignty of God and manʼs free will.

  • Sovereignty – the script of our timeline was complete before God said, “Action!”
  • Free will – we determine the course of our lives, we want some things to happen and not other, we have some control/say in that.

When they are at odds our lives feel like they are in pieces. Job loss, cancer, not accepted to school, etc. When we live life on purpose, we have peace despite circumstances.

When there is a battle between the two, who wins? What should we do? Live life on purpose, like Daniel did. Work, cook, play, earn, spend, learn, teach, but when things donʼt go the way you thought they would, live life on purpose. React to it in a way that demonstrates your unconditional faith and trust in God.


Five Ways To Remove Distractions And Hear The Lord More Clearly

Do you hope or expect to hear from The Lord? That was the question we asked in Part One of this two-part series. Prayerfully you’ve had some time to chew on that. The key to answering the question has to do with what your relationship with God is like. In any relationship, if you want to communicate with someone, you need to eliminate distractions. Here are five ways to eliminate distractions and hear from The Lord more clearly.