1 Peter 2:4-10 God’s Chiseled Body


  • Are you/we coming to Him or are you just around Him?
  • Living stone – lively, active, enduring, not dead, inactive. In this context a building stone, chiseled and shaped.
  • “When I look at the stone I see the finished sculpture. My job is to clear away the extra bits.” Thatʼs what God does with us.
  • As the church we rest on the strength of others, while others rest on us. We are Godʼs chiseled body. God is the architect.
  • All of this is collective, a community.
    • WE are the stones in the house. We need to receive and give strength to one another. Canʼt do that unless we make it a priority. Submissive rock? Whose house?
    • WE are the priesthood. Our lives are completely given over to serving Him, glorifying Him, and leading others into the same.
    • Personal relationship, not individualistic. Not my faith on my terms. No lone stone can claim to be part of the building.
  • We are being chiseled by God into something that brings Him glory.

1 Peter 2:1-3 What Babies Can Teach Us About Following Jesus


  • Babies innocent and incapable of malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and evil speaking.
  • They long for unadulterated, unmixed (opposite of list above), milk of the word, pure spiritual milk.
  • They grow up.
  • Reminded to desire the pure word of God instead of the junk food of the flesh.

What Babies Can Teach Us About Follow Jesus| http://bit.ly/2i9aIEz

1 Peter 1:22-25 New Life Means New Living


  • Fear not only drives us away from the truth, it drives us away from one another. Truth drives us to faith, hope, and to love one another.
  • When we are in trials and trouble we shouldnʼt go back to the world and especially should not isolate ourselves from the Body.
  • Reminder – Godʼs word equips us with the truth and the reality of who and what we are in God because of what Who Jesus is and what Jesus did. Live by faith in the truth of that hope.

Episode 19 – Pat Aldridge

He’s doing what? I’m sure that’s what my guest today asked when he heard I was in ministry, and I must admit its what I asked when I heard he was in ministry. Then again, can you really call someone a friend when that’s your reaction to what’s happening in their life? Sure, why not. This episode of Notes From The Road finds me interviewing a guy I’ve known since early in high school. We taught Children’s Ministry together as high school students, we helped with kids camps, we were/are major sci-fi nerds, and now he’s the Community Life Pastor at Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles, IL.

Reason 13 Why Death Sucks

Carrie Fisher died today. Celebrity deaths have never had an impact on me. Not even Leonard Nimoy’s which is odd considering that I love Star Trek as much as Star Wars. (Yes, it is possible.) 2016 was a big year for celebrity deaths, and people all over the globe mourn for total strangers. Millions of people die every day, and in most cases only dozens of family and friends mourn for them individually. No single death is more or less important than another, and no amount of mourning is more or less significant than another. But for some reason Carrie Fisher’s death got to me and it got me thinking; why did her death effect me so? There are lots of reasons why death sucks. But I think that one of the reasons that death sucks is because something stops, then we suddenly feel what we had all at once, and now its gone. That thing, is impact,

Reason 13 Why Death Sucks || https://wp.me/p3rEzL-GQ