Daily Thread – Happy Anniversary, Genesis 8 and The Resurrection

Entering Into Rest from Judgement

Connected Verses

Genesis 8:4 and The Resurrection on the first day of the week recorded in all four Gospels


  • Genesis 8:4
    • The flood was a judgment on the world. 8 people and representative pairs of the different kinds of animals, not every species as we classify them, were on the Ark being delivered through the judgment to a new life.
    • That vehicle of protection came to a rest, which meant everyone on board could rest after that boat ride!
  • The resurrection, the discovery of the empty tomb, is referred to in all four Gospels as being on the first day of the week.
    • For the purposes of this devotional I need to skip over some really interesting rabbit trails about calendars and when did Jesus have the last supper with his disciples and was that last supper the Seder or Passover meal, or something else.
    • Suffice it to say that since Jesus is the lamb of God, our Passover lamb, He would have been crucified on the 14th of Nisan, or, in the first month on the 14th day of the month.
    • Three days later, resurrection Sunday, the first day of the week, would be the first month, the 17th day of the month. Happy Anniversary!
    • Jesus, who took the judgment for sin for all mankind upon Himself, came back to life to give us rest as referred to in Hebrews 4.

Episode 13 – Ron Hagelganz

Karate instructor, drummer, radio producer, follower of Jesus, and all around groovy guy

Ron Hagelganz is a guy I have known since I was a teenager. He has always been someone who is slow to speak and quick to listen. But when he speaks, it’s always encouraging, always helpful, and usually funny.

Ron has led an interesting life.
  • Grew up with a 1960’s crooner for a dad
  • Tae Kwon Do black belt
  • Karate black belt
  • Phenomenal drummer
  • Radio Producer for Pastor Bill Ritchie’s radio ministry for 30 years on KPDQ in Portland
  • Runs his own Christian martial arts school called Whole Armor Martial Arts
  • Husband, father of two, about to be a grandfather
What's the toilet paper for? Allergies.

What’s the toilet paper for? Allergies.

I’m so excited to be asked back to speak at UNITED Summer Camp with the youth group from Crossroads Community Church! I have tentatively titles my series,”Have Jesus Will Travel.” We are going to look at The Tabernacle in Exodus, The Temple of Solomon, and Paul’s words in the New Testament about how we are the temple of God. He mentions it 7 times!

  • What does it take to be able to enter into God’s presence?
  • How should we represent Jesus to the world?
  • How do we keep our temples dedicated to God and not mixes together with the idols of the world?
  • What role does God’s Holy Spirit play in all of this and how do we cooperate with Him?


Date: June 27, 2016—July 1, 2016
Event: UNITED Summer Camp
Topic: Have Jesus Will Travel
Sponsor: Crossroads Community Church
Venue: Aldersgate Camps & Retreats
Location: 7790 Marion Rd SE
Turner, OR 97392
Public: Private

If you are interested in having me speak at your camp, retreat, or fill in at your church on a Sunday or midweek service, I'd be happy to help. I also do whole-church seminars on how to study the Bible, marriage, Bible prophecy, creationism, and other topics.

Daily Thread – Crossing Over, Joshua 3 and Matthew 3

Entering the Promised Land and Baptism

Connected Verses

Joshua 3 and Matthew 3


Joshua 3-4

  • The Israelites had been camping around the wilderness until the generation that left Egypt but still didn’t trust God had died off. Joshua was now in charge and it was times to cross the Jordan River and begin taking the Promised Land.
  • God stopped the rover which was at flood stage some distant upstream. The people crossed over. As a part of this each tribe was to grab a large stone from the riverbed and make a pile as a monument, an object lesson, to future generations.
  • Joshua was to make a pile of 12 stones in the middle of the riverbed itself for the same purpose.