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Corby Stephens

Corby Stephens

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Husband to Jess (20 years), dad to Jonah and Jer, Apple fan-boy, disciple-in-progress. Currently working as an Network Administrator, in-house web designer, custom web-app creator, and Mac/Windows/Linux relative-psuedo-guru. 20 years of pastoral, Bible teaching, camp speaking, media creating experience.

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Peace On Earth, Between Who?

You are at war with God. Well, you are if you don’t know Jesus. Admit it, Christian, there are times when even you feel like you are at war with God. This is a harsh yet Biblical reality. It’s an uncomfy reality which is why you don’t hear it preached on very often.... read more

To Teach, or Not To Teach? Whose In?

Since I stopped pastoring a church, people have asked, “What do you miss most about it?” The answer is teaching. I miss the experience of learning, being convicted, being encouraged by the word and the Spirit, and conveying that to others. I need to teach. So here is... read more

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