Daniel 6 – Integrity speaks louder than words

Living life on purpose review.  Daniel didnʼt really work for the pagan government, he served the Lord.  This chapter has a great three-act structure. Ironically, Daniel only has one line. Chapter is kind unique from 2-5. No problem from the king to solve.

  • Do you have an excellent spirit? If so it will be reflected in your life.
  • Integrity speaks louder than words. People will see and know.
  • A life of integrity will reflect Jesus and His gospel. Living life on purpose.


Originally taught September 28, 2008.



A Tale Of Two Coaches

Of all of the ingredients needed to become a really good athlete, two of theme are key; talent, and coaching. With great talent and great coaching, you could become a pro. With no talent and bad coaching, you probably won’t make it a season and end up hating the game. With little talent and good coaching, you will probably have fun but not go as far as others, and you’ll be good with that. With little talent and bad coaching, you will be frustrated and definitely not go as far as your potential. There is an interesting parallel between coaching and discipleship resulting in how far and how well people follow Jesus.



Daniel 5 – But you

Living life on purpose. Regardless of change, regardless of what God may bring about, we represent, we are ambassadors for God.

  • When people are having some kind of spiritual or life crisis, who do they go to? You? Are you known to be one who deals with these things? How accessible are you?
  • You need to have your own personal relationship and experiences with God.


Bibles and Birth Certificates

I’ve never really been a fan of Andy Stanley. I’ve never really been down on him either. I just don’t see what all the fuss is about concerning his church or him as a leader or speaker. Then again, I don’t really get into the sub culture of celebrity church leadership. Andy seems to get more attention when he says something dumb, like when he said that teaching verse by verse through the Bible is dumb, or words to that effect. Something not quite as dumb, though equally confusing, came from a sermon that had to do with appealing to the Bible as one’s authority for believing in Jesus and the resurrection and it has a bunch or people’s knickers in a knot.

Studio shot of certificate of birth