Five Ways To Remove Distractions And Hear The Lord More Clearly

Do you hope or expect to hear from The Lord? That was the question we asked in Part One of this two-part series. Prayerfully you’ve had some time to chew on that. The key to answering the question has to do with what your relationship with God is like. In any relationship, if you want to communicate with someone, you need to eliminate distractions. Here are five ways to eliminate distractions and hear from The Lord more clearly.


Do You Hope Or Expect To Hear From The Lord?

When you are waiting to hear from someone, you can wait in two ways; you can hope to hear from them, or you can expect to hear from them. When you hope to hear from them it means, for your part, that you aren’t sure they are going to speak to you, but you really want them to. When you expect to hear from them it means, for your part, that there is an understanding between the two of you that they will speak to you, it just hasn’t happened yet. When it comes to The Lord, are you one who hopes to hear from Him, or do you expect to? If you are one who hopes, its time to change gears and expect it. But how do you do that? Simple; you remember that you are in a relationship with Him. (This is part one of a two part series.)

Directs My Steps? I’m Starting To Get It

A person’s heart maps out his trail, but the Lord plans and chisels out each place where he will step. –  That is an amalgam of translations of Proverbs 16:9. This verse has been on my brain ever since I was offered a job that I wasn’t looking for and, honestly, would not have applied for (I’ll deal with my ungratefulness later). I had a trail, a path. OK, in my own mind I did, but an objective person would say that I didn’t. It was a holding path; a waiting path. I wasn’t waiting for what I’m doing now, occupationally, but I know God chiseled it out these steps. I’d like to share how I’m processing through it and how Jesus continues to lead me. (This post is a Mile Post. Please take a few moments and also read this post and this post which are a part of this process Jesus is leading me through.)

Path for train track being cut out and tracks places

Path for train track being cut out and tracks places